Shared Dreams

B2MeM Prompt, Card and Number: 42 Blind Guardian Lyrics – Dreams might be filled with Lies, Colour Burst 5 Blue - Sad, Person vs nature – a river.
Format: Ficlet
Genre:  Angst, friendship, emotional h/c
Rating:  G
Warnings:  None
Characters:  Aragorn, Faramir
Creator’s Notes (optional): The idea that the dream might have been sent by Gandalf is Raksha's.
Summary: Aragorn is concerned about Faramir.

Aragorn had almost completed his work on a new law decreeing that the poor in the Provinces be offered more assistance from their local lords. He decided to show the document to Faramir and seek his Steward's Counsel in case he had overlooked anything. When he went to Faramir's study, though, the Steward was nowhere to be found.

The King sent for Faramir's secretary and asked him if he knew of the Steward's whereabouts.

“He said he was going riding by the river, sire,” the secretary replied.

Aragorn thanked him and returned to his own study feeling troubled. He had always told Faramir that he must come and go as he pleased, but it was very unlike his hardworking friend to simply leave in the middle of the day without telling him. Aragorn locked his study door and set out for the stables.

Despite being June, the day was grey and overcast and unusually chill for the time of year. Certainly not the sort of day one would usually choose to go riding for pleasure. Aragorn asked a groom to saddle Roheryn while he checked his healing supplies, fearing he might have need of them.

He climbed astride Roheryn's back and rode off in the direction of the river, waving aside the guards who wanted to follow him.

It did not take him long to find Faramir. The Steward was standing on the bank of the Anduin staring into the grey waters. A chill wind blew rippling the surface. A family of ducks huddled near the bank.


The Steward turned sad features towards Aragorn.

The King walked towards him and placed a hand on his shoulder. “What ails you, my friend?” he asked.

“ I am well. I was thinking of Boromir. I miss my brother still and sometimes the sense of loss overwhelms me. I know I am foolish. All my dreams have come true, you are as a father to me, I have a beloved wife and children and our land prospers. Yet sometimes the sadness overwhelms me that Boromir is not here to share my good fortune with.”

Aragorn squeezed Faramir's shoulder. “I miss my kinsman, Halbarad too. It is natural you should miss Boromir. I know, though, he would want you to be happy.”

“I often think of the dream,” said Faramir. It was at this time of year it came to me.”

“The dream?”

“Seek for the Sword that was broken
In Imladris it dwells;
There shall be counsels taken
Stronger than Morgul-spells.
There shall be shown a token
That Doom is near at hand,
For Isuldur's Bane shall waken,
And the halfling forth shall stand.”

“Ah, yes, Boromir's dream which sent him to Rivendell. He recounted it before Elrond's Council.”

“It was my dream first. It came to me several times before it came to Boromir. Dreams might be filled with lies. I do not believe Boromir should have been summoned, but if so, why did he have the dream and why for that matter did I? ”

Aragorn was silent for a moment, watching a heron amidst the reeds. “Sometimes dreams can be infectious like fevers. Halbarad once had a dream that he saw a tower so high that it pierced the clouds, the next night, I dreamt of a high tower too.”

Faramir sighed deeply. “Then, I should not have told Boromir of my dream! It foretold poor Boromir's doom!”

“He would still have learned of it when you told your father.”

Faramir sighed again. “But why should either of us have such a dream?”

“I might well be wrong,” said Aragorn, “I do wonder, though, if Gandalf sent you the dream or even one of the Valar. Gandalf, though, had powers beyond anything we could have imagined. He might have wanted you to go on the Quest, knowing you sought knowledge rather than power. We shall never know for certain, though.”

“I should have spoken to Mithrandir about it before he sailed,” said Faramir. “There are so many things I wish I had asked him about.”

“As did I,” said Aragorn ruefully. “Still I get by with my wise Steward's council to guide me. From beyond the circles of the world, Boromir will be proud of his little brother.”

“You think so?” Faramir's voice was thick with emotion.

“I am certain of it.” Aragorn hugged his friend then released him.

For the first time that day, Faramir smiled. Just then, the sun broke through the clouds. The ducks emerged from their shelter and swam past the two men, a mother and her five ducklings.

“I came here to seek your counsel,” said Aragorn. “I am determined the dreams of the poor shall flourish under my rule and I am considering a new law to help them, but wish you to read it before we put it to the full Council.”

“Master Elrond did well to name you “Estel”, said Faramir. While you reign, dreams are filled with truth for your people.”

“The weather has improved. Let us exercise the horses for a while before we return.

The two friends rode side by side along the bank of the river. The waters were now a clear blue beneath the June sky.

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