Aragorn as a Father

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Artwork by Rachel

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Beyond Compare

When Aragorn was an infant, the fairest sight on Arda was his mother’s smile; when he was a boy; his greatest treasure was his favourite pony; as a young man; Arwen’s beautiful eyes.

Later, the plains of Rohan had seemed fair; but lovelier still was the White City he hoped to rule. In time, such wonders paled, and nothing than seemed fairer than Imladris with his loved ones' smiles welcoming him home.

Aragorn had seen many wonders, but this sight was the greatest of all. His infant son’s milk smeared face was beyond doubt the greatest treasure that Arda held.

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Artwork by Rachel

To the King,a daughter:

Written for theShort and Sweet challenge
With thanks to Curious Wombat and Raksha:
Dedicated to Curious Wombat

“You have a daughter, my lord,” the midwife tells me, her expression suggesting that I will be less than happy at the news. She could not be more mistaken.

I love Eldarion dearly and am proud of my son and heir, but a daughter is sheer delight. She will never want for her father’s love.

My daughter will grow up almost as fair as her mother and bear her mother's gentle grace. She will dance like a butterfly and sing like a nightingale. 

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Artwork by Rachel

Title: Love at First Sight

It was love at first sight again, Aragorn thought. He tenderly contemplated the babe he held in his arms. The poets were wrong when they claimed this happened but once in a lifetime.

Indeed, it was so when he had met his beloved Arwen, but there were other kinds of love too, less exciting and overwhelming, but no less deep and true.

He had loved all his children, his son and daughters, from the moment they had first been placed in his arms.

Friends as well, he had had loved from the beginning, as well the faithful steed, Roheryn, his lady’s gift. Éomer who could so easily have slain him and his companions, the fair Éowyn, and Faramir, the possible rival whom he had snatched back from the Shadow. Faramir had become the son of his heart.

This little one sprang from so many he loved, from Arwen, from their son, from Faramir and Éowyn and their daughter. 

Aragorn smiled as he handed the babe back to his mother. He had been blessed to know so much love throughout his long life; from the moment of his birth until today. Love was the greatest gift, worth more than any crown.


Artwork by Rachel


Artwork by Rachel


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