A Guide to my Original Characters

A guide to my original characters

Adiva - A lady of Harad, wife to Tahir

Aedred – A Rohirric Healer who now works alonside Tarostar in the Houses of Healing.

Agond - A former soldier from Lossarnach,now a drunkard living rough

Alis – Estranged wife to Mahrod

Beleg - a farmer from Lossarnach

Bereth – Sister to Damrod

Borlach - An old man, headman of a village in Lossarnach

Calardan – Husband to Hanna’s late sister

Doreth - Arwen’s housekeeper

Elbeth – Young daughter of Hanna

Elestelle - Faramir and Éowyn's  daughter

Emerwen - Wife to Peladur and daughter in law to Beleg and Tasariel

Galadur - Younger son of Beleg and Tasariel

Gwinhir - Son of Vanreth and Finrod

Fennas – Brother to Hanna

Findegil - A jewel merchant and craftsman,father of Melian

Finrod - Husband of Vanreth

Fontos – Lord of Lossarnach, son of the late Forlong.

Fosco – Lord of Lamedon, son of the Lord mentioned in LOTR

Gudrun – An elderly widow born in Rohan, now owner of a smallholding and orchard near to Minas Tirith

Hanna – A kitchen maid, daughter of the Porter at the Rath Dinen, who was killed by Beregond

Hareth - A widow from a small village in Lossarnach

Meneldil – Lord of Lebennin

Janab - First Khan of Harad

Lady Meril – One of Arwen’s ladies in waiting

Lady Morwen – One of Arwen’s ladies in waiting

Laerwen - One of Eldarion's nursery maids

Lamrung – A former prison warder, now a member of the Citadel Guard.

Maglor - A Citadel Guard

Mahrod – A former Ithilien Ranger, now a prison warder

Melian - Ostopher's sweetheart, daughter of Findegil

Ostopher - A young carpenter

Pelendur- Eldest son of Beleg and Tasariel,married to Emerwen

Tahir - Ambassador from Harad to Gondor

Talib - A healer from Harad.

Tarostar – Chief Warden of the Houses of Healing, son of Denethor’s late sister.

Tasariel - Wife to Beleg and mother of Pelendur and Galadur

Thoron - A hot tempered youth from Lossarnach

Vanreth- Daughter of Hareth

Zafirah - The darwisa,a wise woman of Harad.

Zana – Mother of Hanna and Fennas, grandmother to Elbeth, widow of the late porter.


Original characters found in "A Time to Reap"

The villagers 
Beleg - a farmer

Tasariel - his wife, also the village healer

Pelendur and Galador - Beleg and Tasariel's sons

Emerwen - wife to Pelendur

Borlach - Headman of the village

Thoron - A hot - tempered youth

Hareth - a widow, mother of Vanreth

Vanreth - daughter of Hareth

Finrod - Vaneth's husband

Gwinhir - Infant son of Vanreth and Finrod

(Morrandir and Falborn are the names that Aragorn and Faramir use here to disguise their true identities) 


Iovas - Faramir's chestnut mare, a wedding gift from Éomer.

Zachus - A bay gelding,given to Faramir by his father.

Nimrodel - Eldarion's spaniel puppy, a birthday gift from Faramir.

Laurea - Elbeth's ginger cat


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