A Perfect Afternoon

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Format: Ficlet
Genre: Family, friendship, fluff
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Characters: Aragorn, Faramir, Arwen, OFC
Pairings: Aragorn/Arwen, Faramir/Éowyn
Summary: Aragorn, Faramir and their families enjoy a summer afternoon in Ithilien.
A/n: A sequel of sorts to “The Stuff of Life”
The characters are the property of the Tolkien Estate. No profit has been nor will be made from this story

Fair Ithilien was the perfect place to be on a hot summer day. The King's Family, together with Faramir, Éowyn, their children and Elbeth had taken a picnic into the woods to escape from the heat.

After the meal was finished and packed away, the adults reclined beneath a great oak in a forest clearing while their children played and the horses grazed nearby.

I think I will stretch my legs,” said Faramir.

I will come with you,” said Aragorn. “We former Rangers find it hard to sit still for too long!”

I will stay here a while,” said Arwen. She leaned back against the tree and began to sing softly.

Éowyn yawned. “It is too hot to move just yet.”

The two men wandered down to the edge of the clearing where a crystal- clear stream rippled. Both men knelt beside it to drink.

This reminds me of my days wandering in the North,” said Aragorn. “I remember one warm day such as this in my youth when Halbarad led me to such a stream. I was yet unaccustomed to the hardships of the wild and was very hot and thirsty. I quenched my thirst in the stream and told Halbarad that nothing tasted sweeter than water. He replied that when I was King, I would have such fine wines that water would lose its savour. Ah, Halbarad never doubted my destiny, would that he had seen it come to pass!” Aragorn fell silent, lost in memories.

And has water lost its sweetness?” Faramir asked after a few moments had passed.

For once, Halbarad was wrong. It has not.” Aragorn cupped his hands and took another draught.

Ada!” a small voice called.

Farawyn!” cried Arwen. “Come back!”

Want Ada!”

Farawyn toddled up beside her father. He called back to Arwen. “Farawyn is safe with me, vanimelda.”

The little girl eyed the stream curiously. “Fishes!” she cried, pointing to the darting minnows and almost overbalancing. Aragorn caught hold of her and steadied her. “Shall we catch you a fish? Naneth will have a cup for you to put it in.”

Farawyn shook her head.

Would you like to paddle in the stream then, my sweet?”

Farawyn beamed.

What a good idea!” Faramir exclaimed. He started to pull off his boots and stockings. Aragorn first helped his little daughter remove hers, then did likewise, before rolling up the legs of his breeches.

Farawyn’s gown will get wet,” said Faramir.

It will soon dry in the sun. It should not trouble her; she is after all a Ranger’s daughter as well as a little Princess!”

Aragorn took one of his daughter’s hands and Faramir took the other as they waded into the shallow stream. Farawyn squealed then decided she liked the feeling of cool water against her skin. She splashed her feet happily.

The three waded upstream where the trees grew more thickly, and pine fronds overhung the water. The bed of the stream became rockier. The water foamed as it rippled over the moss- encrusted rocks. Farawyn laughed delightedly.

In the distance, the other children could be heard playing while Arwen sang.

Is there any better way than this to spend a summer afternoon?” mused Aragorn.

If there is, I do not know of it,” said Faramir.

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